Dawai Dost is a non-profit initiative of the Premsons and Bairoliya Trust(registered in Jharkhand.) Tel:7677807777. We help people in Jharkhand afford medicines and provide a wide range of Medicines made by reputable companies at unbeatable prices. We offer a minimum* discount of 50%* from MRP and discounts up to 85% on generic medicines. We have Eighteen outlets. More will open soon.

For a list of Medicines and prices (showing % discount) click on "Generic List" on the menu. To know more about generic medicines and why we can provide them at such large discounts, click on FAQ. Have a question? Use the Contact button. Why we are doing this? Click on Press Coverage.

"India supply 20 per cent of global generic medicines market exports in terms of volume, making the country the largest provider of generic medicines globally" - source

"India has the largest number of patients with diabetes in the world. A study has shown that patients belonging to the low income group in urban India were spending 27% of their annual income and those in rural India 34% of their annual income on diabetes care; most of this was spent on purchase of medicines" - source
There are several ways to find the generic name for your medicine.

1. The EASIEST way is to look on the packaging of the medicine your are taking. Check the example below.  Be careful to check the GENERIC NAME  and the STRENGTH - many medicines come in a number of strengths. Sometimes a medicine has more than one active component.

Description: brand.generic name

In the pictured example above - The Brand Name is Benadryl and the Generic Name is: Diphenhydramine HCl. The strength is 25mg.

Let's look at  another example:


Brand Name is Capeguard-500 made by Cipla. Generic Name is Capecitabine Tablets. The strength is 500

Now let's look at an example of a Medicine which has a combination of drugs. In India it is very common for companies to mix a number of different chemicals in the same pill. This can make it difficult to find a generic equivalent. You can always take the chemicals separately - you might have to take more than one pill but will save money. Some combinations are available in generic , particularly for diabetes and hypertension.

In the above picture GLIMP-MP2 (Brand Name) has THREE different ingredients: Glimepride 2mg + Pioglitazone 15mg + Metformin 500mg (written in very small writing below GLIMP-MP2 in red - it will also be shown on the box where it is easier to read).  This is a substitute for the branded GLYCYPHAGE PG2. It is important to make sure that the substitute you choose has EXACTLY the same drugs in the SAME amounts. Please always check with your doctor.

2. If you don't have the strip or packaging, try Googling the Brand name with the word "composition" . This will often give you the Generic Name. If this doesn't work go to step 3.

3. Try one of the websites: or If you have an Android phone, download an app called HealthKartplus (now renamed 1MG) - search for your Branded drug. The App will show you the Generic name and strength under the word "COMPOSITION" - For example, if you search for Caditor (10mg) [Made by Cadila] you see that it costs rs 129/strip and the composition is ATORVASTATIN 10mg. You will see there are 104 substitutes from Rs12.63/10 tab strip [Pileca] to  Rs 280/10 Tab strip [Avastin from Orchid]. Our Atorvastatin [named Biovas-10] from the well known Biochem is only Rs 10.00/strip [MRP 65.94]. This website is also useful for finding other Branded alternatives. - Another website to find the Generic Name and other brands of the same medicine. Enter the name in the "Brand Name" search box. Click on to search by Manufacturer, Brand or Generic. Instructions on how to use this very effective website are here - Enter the name of the medicine you use in the search box. This site will tell you the Generic Name and also show you other Brands with same composition starting from the cheapest to the most expensive.  This site shows you the MRP. If the medicine is not avalable in our list, this site shows you the cheaper Branded medicines.

4. Once you have the Generic Name, search for it in our Generic List at Use the CTRL-F search facility if necessary to search for the generic name . If you find an exact match (Name and Strength), you will see the Name, Medicine No and Price per strip.
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Your efforts is good.but you have no sufficient stocks of medicine.plese improve your medicine stock.
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Dear sir i want to work in dawai dost shop can you please tell me how to get this job
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