Dawai Dost is a non-profit initiative of the Premsons and Bairoliya Trust(registered in Jharkhand.) Tel:7677807777. We help people in Jharkhand afford medicines and provide a wide range of Medicines made by reputable companies at unbeatable prices. We offer a minimum* discount of 50%* from MRP and discounts up to 85% on generic medicines. We have Eighteen outlets. More will open soon.

For a list of Medicines and prices (showing % discount) click on "Generic List" on the menu. To know more about generic medicines and why we can provide them at such large discounts, click on FAQ. Have a question? Use the Contact button. Why we are doing this? Click on Press Coverage.

"India supply 20 per cent of global generic medicines market exports in terms of volume, making the country the largest provider of generic medicines globally" - source

"India has the largest number of patients with diabetes in the world. A study has shown that patients belonging to the low income group in urban India were spending 27% of their annual income and those in rural India 34% of their annual income on diabetes care; most of this was spent on purchase of medicines" - source
1. Dawai Dost Charity Shop - North Market Road, Upper Bazar, Ranchi (Between Magar gola and Modi Dharamshala).
2. Dawai Dost Charity Shop - Garikhana (opposite Rajasthan Marbles), Harmu Road, Ranchi.
3. Dawai Dost Charity Shop - RIMS (opposite Emergency), Ranchi (NOTE: Only for RIMS patients)
4. Dawai Dost Charity Shop - Ranchi Club Complex, Main Road, Ranchi
5. Dawai Dost Charity Shop - Opposite Ryeen School, Lake Road, Ranchi. WE are grateful to the Rayeen  Panchayat, Lake Road for making     a suitable shop available to DawaiDost for no rent - the first social organisations to do so! BRAVO. 
6. Dawai Dost Charity Shop - Second Road (Nr Shivaji Chowk), Hindpiri, Ranchi
7. Dawai Dost Charity Shop - Chaggan Lal Market, Kantatoli Chowk, Ranchi
8. Dawai Dost Charity Shop - Krishna Tower, Karam Chowk, Vidhya Nagar, Ranchi
9. Dawai Dost Charity Shop: Tatisilwe Chowk, Tatisilwe, Ranchi
10.Dawai Dost Charity shop, Sewa Sadan, Sewa Sadan Path, Ranchi
Dawai Dost Charity shop, Metro Gali, Ratu Road, Ranchi
12.Dawai Dost Charity shop, Ward Campus, Ward 16, Church Road, Karbala Chowk, Ranchi
13.Dawai Dost Charity shop, Noor Market, Nr Bank of Baroda, Doranda, Ranchi
14.Dawai Dost Charity shop, Next to Rasik Lal, Doranda, Ranchi
15.Dawai Dost Charity shop, Ashok Nagar, Ranchi
16.Dawai Dost Charity shop, Gopal Comlex, Kuchery Road, Ranchi
awai Dost Charity shop, Kank Block Chowk, Next to Kanke Nursing Home, Ranchi
18. Dawai Dost Charity Shop, Church Road, Nr Kali Mandir, Ranchi

Currently Dawai Dost initiative is only available in Jharkhand. We are adding additional locations as soon as we find spaces.

We plan to have four types of outlets offering cheap generic medicines from only reputable companies.

1. Rent free premises - Individuals/societies provide us with vacant /unused shops as a charitable act. It needs to be min of 120 sq ft in a good location. The owners can keep control of their premises and need  not part with posession. We operate the Trust on a "no profit/no loss" basis. Dawai Dost's first charitable shop opened on 1 May 2015 - Dawai Dost, North Market Road, Near Modi Dharamshala, Upper Bazaar, Ranchi. Rayeen Panchyat, Lake Road has made available a shop - first organisation to do so. Soon it was followed by Sewa Sadan.If you are interested in this opportunity to do good please contact us.

2. Rented Shops - Here we rent the premises on rent in popular areas. Again, Premsons and Bairoliya Trust aims to makes no profit from its overall operations. Mos of our shops are in this category. We continue to look for more shops.

3. Shops within government/charitable hospitals - We recently opened a Dawai Dost Charity shop outlet ar RIMS hospital where we are helping over 600 people everyday to decimate the cost of their medicine.Since our opening at RIMS in September we have helped over 100,000 people and we save them several Crore per year. Premsons and Bairoliya Trust makes no profit from these shops. We are in discussions for more locations.The poorest come to these hospitals and our prices are at their absolute lowest in these hospitals.

4. Dawai Dost Franchise Shops (currently suspended following bad experience) - Shops run by independent franchisees, where we help with know-how. We used to help with funds, but after having been taken advantage of at our first experimental franchise, we no longer do so.  Potential Franchisees now need to invest between Rs2.5 to Rs3.5L These shops are usually owned and run by registered pharmacists and they make a modest living by running these shops. They run a socially useful business within their community and make affordable medicines available. Again, Premsons and Bairoliya Trust aims to makes no profit from these shops but does aim to recover its expenses.

If you have empty premises in a busy area with low income people (at least 120sq ft) that is suitable for a medicine shop and would like to utilise this space for a good cause by having a Dawai Dost Medicine shop please contact us to discuss options. We can pay modest rent. If you have such a place please contact Mr Nirmalya on 767780777. Currently we are focussed on Jharkhand only.
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