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Cilnidipne Telmisartan & chlorhexidine tablets
इस कम्पोजिसन का जेनेरिक बतावें
Do you sell Praziquantel Tablets.?
Dear sir i want to work in dawai dost shop can you please tell me how to get this job
you can send a resume to
send a resume or contact the no on the home page
dear sir i want to open a medical shop at gaya bihar can you provide me your franchise in mobile no. is 8224947007,email am waiting for your replied.thank you sir.
Currently not providing franchises - we experimented with one were not able to control it.
Dear sir I heard about your company which is chain of generic medicine sales in Jharkhand I m interesting to open one in Bokaro can you provide me your franchise in Bokaro chas area
The drug list on website is very obsolete. Kindly add and remove drug no longer available or recently added. Your website's now shows advertisement. Kindly remove as it makes browsing difficult o mobiles. Protin supliments are not available.
Most protein supplements are very low in protein - sattu contains 3x as much protein as most supplements - exception is protinex but its exensive.
Sorry - I do not have resources to keep updating the medicine list at present. Prices change too frequently. Its function is to give an idea of what available.

soon we hope to put store by store stock here with prices. Its being developed.
Please open a outlet in Hazaribag because most of the people wants to relief in medicine price. So I request you to please minimum one outlet open in Hazaribag.
not availability of thyroxin sodium tab 62.5 mcg at ur any counter, preferably RIMS is a big trouble for me as so for many other patients. pl arrange to make it available. it comes with brand name THYRONORM marketed by ABBOTT.
Also OLMO AM 20/5, MONORIN 125MG, FORMINAL SR 1000 are not available and awaiting for so many days at ur RIMS counter. pl avail at earliest.
Thyroxim generic does not come in 62.5mcg as it is not a standard/popular dose. We keep 25,50 and 100. Re others - our suppliers have had issues recently, but all should be back to normal soon. You will need to be flexible with brand name as we are only concerned with chemical composition. I am sure an alternative to Forminal Sr 1000 (Metformin) would have been available. Yes RIMS is busy and only caters to RIMS patients (a condition imposed by RIMS). Also everyone has to queue and it can take some time. However, it has our very lowest prices as the poorest in Jharkhand go there for help.
first of all Many many thanks & congrates to open DAWAI DOST. Yesterday I purchase some medicine from your Garikhana store, Its really fantastic experience throughout my life, I personally relies it is really a DOST in todays major expenditure ie medicine, I purchase as triel I surprised when I was pay Rs 17 instead of Rs 54, then I decide that ,now onwards If I needed I will purchase from really DOST which is DAWAI DOST. I share my experience with all my collegue & friends they also surprised & decide like me.
once again thanks to all & May God bless you all. Sending my sincere wishes and regards to your helpful social work.
Thanks Mr Jha. We now also have a branch in Main Road - Ranchi Club Complex. Please spread the message.
You people have started implementation of a brilliant revolutionary idea. May God bless you all. Sending my sincere wishes and regards to your work. I hope more and more like minded will come aboard and your network will cover most cities and places of India. For me, if any given day I happen to be in a position to open a small set up, I will take your franchise for sure even if I will have my outlet separately.
ThanksDr Maijewar. We are opening more stores. Kind people are offering us spaces at low or no rent. We are also renting some commercial spaces where we think the traffic will be sufficient to cover costs. We are also approaching governments to open stores within hospitals.

If you are interested in progressing this idea - if you can find 110sq ft of space (from a charity/society or on rental) and a qualified pharmacist to run the store, we can manage the rest.
05/27/2018 00:13:31
Or visit this link or this one